How do I transfer my FlightSim Store purchases to OrbxDirect?




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    Does this still work ? I always get an error when I enter my FSS email..

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    Carlos Valle

    The does not exist anymore, so this information is worthless!!

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    Carlos Valle

    Update @ 15:50z 5 July 2018

    LatinVFR have reached out to us to also confirm what Drzewiecki Design said. They are also recommending people to not buy from FlightSim Store.

    Back in May, we informed the community that Flight Sim Store appeared to have had some major challenges regarding their services. Flight Sim Store were quick to inform people that this was due to the content delivery service that they used. In a post on Facebook, this was their statement:

    We tend to pay very little attention to rumours. The main content delivery seed server has required unexpected maintenance. That’s really all there is to it. It is very unfortunate that it is taking so long but we are at the mercy of the service provider.

    A few weeks ago, the following message continues to appear in the header of the site:

    Please Note: Most files have now been transferred to our new servers. Some files may still be inaccessible so please let us know via our Facebook page.

    This message continues to populate the website.

    This message appears to have been the same for some time, with very little communication from the owners of the store. According to multiple users, email and support tickets have been left unanswered for some time, with many users still unable to get access to the files that they own.

    Drzewiecki Design has now gone on record to inform the community that they will no longer be using Flight Sim Store. Due to in-active staff, no products being updated, and vendors not being paid. It should be noted that products are still available for consumers to purchase and it doesn’t gurantee you will get your files.

    In the statement from Drzewiecki Design, they have told their customersnot to purchase any products from FlightSim Store as it seems that people responsible for it are having major problems with managing it and keeping up with their responsibilities.” Furthermore, they also said that other vendors in the store are having the same issue. For those that are a customer of FlightSim Store and own Drzewiecki Design products, you can head to their support forums for more details.

    We have contacted various other developers and publishers regarding the situation. Just Flight has so far been the only team to reply and has said:

    “For our part communication is slow with them,  wouldn’t say non-existent but getting close.  No current issue financial issues, we’re up to date in terms of payments from them.”

    We have also contacted Adrian (owner of FlightSim Store) for a statement. He hasn’t yet replied.

    If further developers or Adrian respond, we’ll update the article accordingly.

    If any developers or customers who have been impacted by this would like to reach out, please do so via our contact page. We want to have as clear a picture as possible.

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